Bring a spa experience to your home: Nebia will drench you, steam you, revitalize you.

Nebia Spa Shower: Luxury Water Innovation
Nebia Spa Shower: Luxury Water Innovation

BEST EXPERIENCE: The Nebia Spa Shower provides an immersive sensation with 10x more spray coverage on your body. Millions of tiny droplets envelop you, creating a premium, spa-like shower experience. The simultaneous Head and Wand sprays will leave your skin clean and soft.
INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: The Nebia spray pattern is precisely contoured to the shape of the body and uses 70% less water than a regular shower. Between the water and energy savings, Nebia pays for itself; the average home saves 20,000 gallons of water per year.
AWARD WINNING DESIGN: With unparalleled form and function, the system provides extreme adjustability with over 2 ft of smooth, vertical sliding and a magnetic Wand Dock. MADE IN THE USA from premium materials with an anodized aluminum body and stainless steel nozzles.
RINSE WITH EASE: The Nebia droplets travel at twice the velocity of an ordinary shower stream, thoroughly rinsing shampoo and conditioner from even the thickest hair. Use the handheld Wand and/or the Strength Mode for an extra boost of water.
EASY TO INSTALL, EASY TO MAINTAIN: The system comes with a set of tools for easy DIY installation without calling a plumber or breaking tile. Although the Nebia Spa Shower doesn’t require any more cleaning than a standard shower, it comes with cleaning caps to simplify removal of hard water buildup.

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out of 5 starsExceptional Craftsmanship and Engineering, Amazing Shower Experience and Simple to Install
This is reallly a beautiful shower and a luxury experience! I purchased the Nebia shower because I wanted to see about saving water as with a family of 5, we utilize too much.

The packaging is big big but necessary and appropriate to protect the components of this uniquely designed product. Not to worry, you can recycle it after you easily remove all needed materials.

Installation was a breeze! My 21 year old looked over the Install guide and we had the shower fully installed in our 29 year old shower-over-tub enclosure within 7 minutes of breaking the seal on the box. We didn't need to watch any videos as the Quick Start Installation Guide is easy to follow and the parts are well organized and logical. No tools required except for the provided "wrench" to connect to my water pipe after removal of the old shower head.

The first thing I noticed is how nice the materials are and how cool it looks. My kids comments were "whoa" that's awesome and given that 3 of the 5 of us in our family are over 6'2" tall, the Nebia added about 9" of head height which everyone will appreciate.

I have a new 50 gallon hot water heater that is set no the low setting. I turned the water on all the way hot, having read other reviews about the mist losing heat but I didn't experience that at all. I directed the shower head straightdown, it felt like a waterfall with mist and it had good coverage on my large frame. I ended up turning the heat down to the normal position for my preference and it worked great! Surpassed my expectations for sure! It is a different sensation but the keys of rinsing quickly, full body access with main shower-head and wand and maintaining heat were acheived. I'm sure I will save water given the system design and based on my experience, I don't think I have to overheat the water in order to have a similar heat experience to my old shower head.

Highly recommend the Nebia. We'll have 8 guests for the holiday weekend and it will certainly be given the test but early results are that this is a "hit"!