J.A. Henckels International Serrated Steak Knives feature large serrations, each with smaller serrations ensuring exceptional sharpness and longevity. Classic triple rivet styling fits any kitchen. Set of eight.


Large serrations containing smaller serrations ensure sharpness
4.5" steel blades will stay sharp for years
Three rivet handle
Stamped construction
Set of eight
Triple-riveted handles provide strength and longevity
Though the knives are designed to resist corrosion, and are listed as dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended for best care
Great gift for newlyweds or new homeowners and comes backed by Henckels' Lifetime Guarantee


Best steak knives I've owned
I had a 4 pc set of these I bought years ago (I think at Bed Bath & Beyond) and I found that, though I had some "better" ones, these were the ones I always reached for, because they work so well. Finally I decided to get rid of the other knives that were just taking up drawer space, and get some more of these. It seemed like, from some reviews, the quality might have changed since I bought my other ones, but I took a chance and ordered them. I'm glad I did! They are exactly as my other ones and cut just as well. I love these knives! They are lightweight, don't take up a ton of space in my drawer, dishwasher safe, and they cut really, really well. I also like how I can use them to cut plastic packaging open, like frozen vegetables or whatever, they zip right through it like a razor blade.

Most affordable and BEST I've had in a long time!
So I was looking for cheapest steak knives to get for a special family get together. I wanted the cheapest nice looking ones. What I found in these was that they were the cheapest and quite possibly the best knives I've had in a long time! I was shocked really at how sharp they have stayed. I think one has a bent tip now but they seriously look new. I am not even kidding when I say I use these knives for pretty much everything cutting related in my kitchen. VERY SATISFIED!!!

Exceptional item by Henckels and wonderful price!
I am pretty careful with my hard earned $. Then I have always bought lesser priced knives and have to sharpen them almost every time I want to use them. Well, this time I really did my homework. When I saw the name Henckels Cutlery and I saw the price I knew I had to get these! I have no other kinds of Henckels to compare these to but these are reasonably priced and they're fantastic! I am so glad I got them and thanks to Henckels for making them so reasonably priced!

Parents Love Them
I bought these as a Christmas gift in 2011 for my parents. They eat steak every Friday and generally eat a lot of meat. Until I gave them these, they had been using the same wooden handled knives that they had when I was a little kid. I had read somewhere that maggots often live in the wood of these knives and was really grossed out when I came to visit and used these wooden handled knives with dinner. So I bought them these knives because they looked nice and the Henckles name. I read a lot of people feel the quality isn't the same, but I am not really familiar with the brand. They seem to work just fine and my parents are pretty happy with them, when they set the table - they take out these knives before the wooden handled knives, but still refuse to throw away the old ones. I might buy a set for myself.

Great Deal
The knives are a great deal and we've had them for a few months now. We use the knives almost everyday. It cuts through steak or chicken pretty smoothly, without needing to put any pressure on the knife or putting any effort with cutting down. One of the knives has a spot of rust but I don't think it's because of the product. I live near the ocean and my roommate "borrowed" it and put it in his rusty dish holder so... Anyhow, I'm very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it to people who don't want to pay a lot of money for decent knives. These knives are sturdy and I can see having them for at least a year. They're obviously not fancy but they're also not embarrassing when we have guests over.

Good match of quality and value
I purchased this knife set for our 5th wheel camper. I didn't want to spend too much when they'd likely be used and abused, and lost somewhere down the road, but needed something that would easily cut steak. I am really please by these knives, and may actually purchase another set for home use (joining steak knives where a single knife cost as much as this entire set!). They're not the sturdiest knives ever made, but my kids can handle them really well and the serrated edge makes cutting easy for them - less work for Mom. Easy transaction and reasonably fast shipping, I'm entirely satisfied and would recommend this purchase to others without reservation.

I saw them in a local department store and I thought they looked very good. They store was selling them for almost twice
Well worth the money. Yes, they are made in China but for the price it is difficult to go wrong. I was reluctant to buy after reading some of the reviews. I saw them in a local department store and I thought they looked very good. They store was selling them for almost twice the Amazon price. Needless to say I made the purchase here.