The Rowenta DG8520 Perfect steam station heats up in just two minutes (use the Eco setting to use 20% less heating energy), and with the touch of a button generates 120g of pressurized, wrinkle-removing steam for up to 90 minutes on one tank

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt

Extremely powerful 1800W- Exceptional 5.2 bars of pressure pressure ideal for removing wrinkles from hanging garments or drapes and or smoothing and shaping sewing projects
Microsteam400 Stainless Steel Soleplate
Constant High Powered Steam – available at the touch of a trigger
Extra Large and visible 47oz Tank allowing 2 hours of continuous ironing
Precision Tip to access in between collars and pockets
Safety Lock System – for added safety and easy storage
Removable Water tank, for easy water refill
Vertical Steam ideal for steaming hanging garment , curtains or drapes
Comfort Grip Handle
Anti-scale system


100% Convenience, 100% Performance

You always thought that ironing was a chore? Discover a new way of ironing with the DG8520 Perfect Steam station. It generates 120g of pressurized, wrinkle-removing steam to ensure professional results: fast ironing and efficient removal of the most stubborn creases. It heats up in just three minutes and comes with an Eco setting to use 20% less heating energy while delivering perfect ironing results. The stainless-steel soleplate has 400 holes for super-smooth gliding, and the precision tip easily smoothes between collars and buttons, and other hard-to-reach spots. A 47 ounce removable water tank allows 90 minutes of continuous steam! The Perfect steam station saves you time ironing by producing 3X more steam than a traditional iron. It saves you money because the steaming function refreshes garments, saving you from making trips to the dry cleaner.


I've been using this steam iron daily for almost 9 months now and have not encountered any issues what so ever. It makes ironing fun and easy - I love the steam so much, makes quick work of tough ironing jobs, glad I made the investment in this product.

I've been using this steam iron on a daily basis for almost two months now and it is working just fine for me - no issues what so ever. It continues to delight me and turns a chore into a joy. I'll update this review again in a few more months.

What a great iron/steamer - exactly what I wanted.

First off - let me clarify that I am writing a review of the ROWENTA DG8520 - I've ready many reviews on this product page that reference other model numbers and I was confused but I want to confirm my info is related to the DG8520

Secondly - this item DOES have an on/off switch! Several people wrote that it does not - please see my photos or read the product manual to see that it does in fact have an on/off switch

Lastly - the product is made in FRANCE - unlike many reviews saying it is made in China - the box clearly says made in France.

Now - on to my other details. I bought this product after my sister showed me her hand held steamer (another product) that she really liked and it got me to thinking that I also wanted lots of steam but wanted a more traditional iron as well - this is where the ROWENTA DG8520 comes in - the best of both worlds.

Having only used this product one day - but on several items it does what is says it does - makes short work of ironing and produces lots of steam unlike a regular iron.

The larger water reservoir allows you to iron for extended time period - and you can fill the water tank without having to remove it from the base unit - just flip the lid up and pour.

After flipping the power switch to ON the green light blinks while the water tank heats up and produces steam - once it stops blinking it's ready to go.

While using the unit the water pump will turn on periodically as you use steam and it needs to draw in more water to the heating unit. The water pump sound is similar to that of a Keurig coffee machine if you are familiar with that sound - some people have said it is very loud - it's not that loud really - the sounds of the steam coming out of the unit is louder in my opinion - that whooshing sound.

The dial on the iron controls the temp of the iron - I believe you can leave that turned off and just use steam if you are doing vertical steaming only. The one issue I have is the dial is a bit hard to grasp and turn as it is directly under the handle - it also is a bit hard to read due to its positioning - just a minor annoyance really.

The trigger switch for the steam is in the handle and is easy to press to activate the steam. I have noticed some dripping from the iron - but that only seems to happen at initial start up/use and quickly stops - to be expected as we are talking about water vapor!!

The base unit gets warm during using due to all the heating of the water. The cord is plenty long to allow you to use easily and move the iron around your ironing board - I have my base unit sitting on a side table right next to my ironing board.

I find it interesting that you can place the hot iron on top of the base using and the silicone nubs that it sits on allow it to sit there while hot. Overall, on my short time period with this unit, I'm very happy with this item and it will make the chore of ironing a bit more fun.