Start automating and controlling your plug-in lamps using the Decora Smart Wi-Fi plug-in outlet. Use the free My Leviton iOS or Android app to add/name devices and to control them individually or as a room with a single button push.

Leviton DW3HL-1BW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Plug-in Dimmer

Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately) – Connects directly to Alexa
Works with Google Assistant for voice control – Connects directly to Google
Voice control your home – “Alexa, turn table lamp to 25%” or “Ok Google, turn [Everything] On”
Control your lights from anywhere using the free My Leviton app for iOS and Android, no hub required
Simplify control of your home – Automate based on time schedule or sunrise/sunset, easily group your devices into rooms, and create lighting scenes
Integrate with IFTTT, utilize auto-shutoff in closets, hallways and bathrooms; plus engage home vs. away – perfect for vacation
Rated for LED and CFL loads up to 100W and incandescent loads up to 300W
Five year limited warranty and over 110 years of experience. Leviton stands behind our high-quality advanced solutions

Got this product to help manage some of my non-smart devices, specifically an electric fan which I would I had a need to control for three reasons: I use Alexa a lot in my home and like the ability to consolidate control of all my smart devices through it, my fan is too far to get to when I'm watching TV and more importantly, turn on remotely when I am away when it gets too hot for indoors for our cat.

Initial impressions -

Packaging: The box it comes with is roughly the size of the product itself and is thankfully not some huge blister pack that never ceases to dull my box cutters or scissors. Amazon's external packaging was just the right size as well.
Physical Properties; The smart plug is about 3" H x 2" x 2" (approximate - just check the item description for more accurate measurements). I had no problems plugging it into any wall outlet within my home. It feels really well built and can probably survive a few drops (and no I didn't try to do that)
Directions: The instructions are pretty straightforward. As indicated, there is no need for a hub. All you need to do is install the Leviton app on your iOS or Android device and add the skill to your Amazon Echo. Linking the device is no different from most wi-if enabled devices. After you install the app, you just need to link to the device via Wi-Fi in order to enable it.
Functionality: I've found that it works as advertised and have had no issues with it using either Echo or the Leviton mobile app. One plus is that it appears to work anywhere in my apartment which has a few dead spots (I know this because some of my smart lights in the bedroom will occasionally show up as inactive and the Wi-Fi connections for some of my older devices tend to be spotty
Nice to have: I wish they provided a higher capacity model that can handle a wall unit air conditioner (like a 6000-12000 btu AC)