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Ingersoll Rand 122MAXK Short Barrel Air Hammer Kit

Maximum comfort; anti-vibration feature reduces tool vibration by over 30 percentage when compared to standard air hammers in it class
Maximum power: 15 percentage increase in impact force over standard air hammer product offering
Maximum productivity: quick change retainer allows for faster chisel changeovers, so you can get the job done
Kit includes: air hammer, quick change retainer, 5 piece chisel set, carrying case

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Ingersoll Rand 122MAXK Vibration-Reduced Hammer Kit
Real Tools for Real Work
This 122MAX short barrel hammer will deliver the punch you need to get the job done fast and comfortably. Great for exhaust and front-end jobs, general bolt cutting, pin driving and body shearing work. The rigorously tested tool components reduce tool vibration by over 30 percent when compared to standard air hammers in the 122MAX's class.

What's in the box:

Ingersoll Rand 122MAX Short Barrel Hammer
5-Piece Chisel Set
Quick-Change Retainer
Protective Carrying Case

Never used another air hammer so I cannot really compare to anything else, but this thing helped immensely in removing several old bushings from an 06 G35X, including the compression arm bushings which are a real pain. There does seem to be some skill involved as you need to know which bits to use for which functions and the correct angle to actually hit where and how you want without destroying everything else in the work area, but an experienced diyer will quickly learn by trial and error-at least I did. The quick release chuck works great, and although the little hex bits in the side of the chuck fell out because of the vibration within about 5 secs of using it didn't seem to hurt anything-will have to check the manual for what purpose they serve.