The Yost Apprentice Series of bench vises are designed for rugged applications. These vises are constructed from a combination of cast iron and steel. This allows the vises to handle higher clamping pressures than standard cast iron vises.

Yost Vises 465 6.5


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I've been looking for a half-decent bench vise for some time. There has always been one of those moments when you say to yourself "man, I wish I had a bench vise to hold onto this piece of wood...... piping.... you get the picture.

I've researched various bench vise and wanted something that was both, practical and not too expensive. I dragged my wife out to Home Depot, Lowes, and Harbor Freight to look at options. What is boils down to is this: just how big of a bench vise do you really need and how much money are you willing to spend?

I will be the first to profess, I am NOT a mechanic or an expert handyman but rather, just a homeowner who likes to work on things here at the house when I know that I can take on a honey-do task and use this bench vise as a third-hand or arm where necessary. Overall, it's perfect for my needs for light-duty work. It also has an anvil on it so that you can pound away at something so long as it's resting on the anvil.

Installation was not too difficult. I tried to match up the holes to a template I downloaded online but found that they did not match. I ended up setting the bench vise where I wanted it to be permanently located and marked the holes in pencil. I then used a 9/16th drill bit and drilled the holes. Afterwards, I then cut two pieces, each about 6" out of a scrap 2X4 to use for a bracket underneath the bench. I drilled the holes accordingly. I then placed the bench vise on top, slid four 1/2" bolts through the base and under the bench, I lined up the two brackets I made into the holes and now, I have a decent set up. I'm very pleased with this bench vise.

PROS: Solid, ease of use, rubber washer on each end of the handle, anvil
CONS: None noted.