Coros OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet w/Bone Conducting Audio, LED Tail Lights & Removable Visor | Fully adjustable sizing | Connects via Bluetooth for music, calls & navigation | Comfortable, Lightweight

Coros OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet

Premium Polycarbonate shell w/ EPS impact foam provides superior impact protection while minimizing weight (340g)
Ultimate Safety & Audio - Open ear bone conduction technology delivers rich audio through your cheekbones, providing full outside awareness
Remain seen at night - Auto LED lights activate based on ambient lighting conditions
Stay connected while riding – Easily answer incoming calls; play, pause and skip your music w/ the included easy to install handlebar remote
Built for long distance rides – Industry leading 8-hour battery life


OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet

The COROS OMNI smart cycling helmet is designed to help you get the most enjoyment and awareness out of your ride, while enhancing ultimate safety. With an innovative open ear bone condensing audio system, auto LED tail lights and Smart Remote, the OMNI delivers an utmost combination of ride safety and convenience.

The ability to connect with your smartphone allows for two-way audio communication and uploading your ride. Get instant accessibility with the included Smart Remote to change music tracks, adjust volume, turn on/off your LED lights, or answer a phone call.


starsHelmet fit was easy to adjust

Product arrived on schedule in packaging that protected the helmet. Helmet fit was easy to adjust, using conventional bike helmet strap layout. The most appealing feature of this helmet (to me at least) is the connectivity to my iPhone and Apple Watch. Making the connection was straight forward and took little time.Instructions accompanying the helmet are more than adequate.
Best part is the connection with both my iPhone and Apple Watch work quite well. I listen to my downloaded Audible Book much easier now. Plus, I can use my Apple Watch health App to track my bike rides. I have stopped using my bike's onboard computer, although I haven't removed the computer yet.
I can listen to a book or music, or even a baseball broadcast without concern that I have "blinded myself" to the sounds around me, e.g. car noises, people, sirens, etc. I feel quite comfortable riding while listening now.

Great sound, comfortable fit, minor complaints about software and functionality

An amazing product that made my bike commute extremely enjoyable.
Especially the audio quality is great (which is probably the main reason people decide to buy the helmet). Sure, I would rather listen to music on my stereo at home but given that this is a bike helmet with bone conduction audio and not an expensive pair of over ear headphones I am simply impressed. I use it for calls very regularly and not only can I hear the people I speak to very well, but they all confirmed that they’re able to understand me well (they said that there’s no audible wind noise and my voice is loud and clear). I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks while cycling and it’s always loud enough and music sounds enjoyable too.

I only have a few complaints regarding software and functionality:
1) Most importantly, please make it possible to summon Siri from the handle bar remote. I assumed this would be possible since most Bluetooth headsets have that functionality and it would make so much sense to use a *hands free voice assistant* while on a bike! This would be a huge improvement and I really hope you can add that in a future firmware upgrade.
2) It would be great if you could adjust the blinking frequency of the light, since it’s a little slow but that’s probably by design in order to conserve battery and not a big deal.