Bombay Shaving Company began with the idea that shaving should be more than the auto-pilot chore so many men see it as. We crafted an entire shaving system built around an immersive pre-shave, shave and post-shave regimen

Complete Shaving Kit System

Complete shaving kit for smoother, softer and healthier skin in 4 weeks
Includes Precision Safety Razor with 20 Feather blades for a smooth, close and comfortable shave
Includes Exfoliating Scrub, Shaving Cream, After Shave Balm and Imitation Badger Brush
Safety razor includes additional base plate for an adjustable aggression setting
All products are infused with enriching essential oils and natural extracts




Precision Safety Razor
Pack of 20 Feather Blades
Pre-Shave Scrub
Shaving Cream
Shaving Brush
Post-Shave Balm
While the razor and brush are built to last, the blades, pre-shave scrub, shaving cream, and post-shave balm will last you 60-75 shaves.


Kudos to the Bombay Shaving Company's team for an amazing product. From the moment you open the box
Kudos to the Bombay Shaving Company's team for an amazing product. From the moment you open the box you notice and appreciate the attention paid to each and every detail. From packing to design to the product manual and most importantly the product. For someone who has used Gillette products from the beginning, Bombay shaving company's razor provided a shaving experience which the Gillette products never could.

Highly satisfied with the product quality and at the end was left fascinated by this new product. Would recommend skipping the regular products in the market and giving Bombay Shaving Company a try.

Best shave of my life with this kit.
Best shave of my life with this kit. I previously tried the Dorco wetshavers try out kit ($20). That is a great razor and blade set also. Got a really good shave with it. But the Bombay kit took it to another level. I am still relatively new to wetshaving. This is a great kit for newbies. I can't believe everything you get for $40. This could easily go for $100 or $200. (i.e. Art of Shaving) Plus the fact that they give you another razor head that is more aggressive. It is an unbelieveable deal. The razor is really good, and heavy. I still have to work on not applying pressure. The razor's weight does the work. The brush worked really well. And the products were really good. The scrub, especially, was great. It was really gritty and therefore was truly like a scrub. This probably helped in getting a good shave. Also, the shave cream was really nice. It lathered up quickly and there was a lot. The most lather I have ever seen from a shave creme. I will probably be purchasing additional kits for my father and brothers for Father's Day. Oh, also, I decided to try this kit instead of the Bevel, because it looked like the same thing, but less expensive. I have thoroughly enjoyed this shaving set.

The Gillette's of the world have pushed us into believing that more blades means better shave. Bombay Shaving Company totally
I have been using Bombay Shaving Company's 6 part shaving for about 2 weeks now . I have been using multi-blade razors since the very first time I started shaving and honestly, I was a little skeptical about using a single one blade razor.
The Gillette's of the world have pushed us into believing that more blades means better shave . Bombay Shaving Company totally dispels that idea !!!
For me personally , the feather blade from Japan is one of the best feature of this 6 part shaving system !!! Such is the quality of the feather blade that It truly was one stroke shave for me !! No mess , no hair sticking in between blades and most importantly NO NICKS , NO CUTS !!!! I did not feel the need to use the aggressive clamp that came with the shaving system.
The product is beautifully packaged . Its delivered in a sturdy box with bubble packs which ensure that the contents are protected during delivery. It has a premium feel to it and has a great fragrance .
The heavy razor allows it to sit well in your hand and puts the right amount of pressure on your face . The synthetic fibre bristle brush ensures a nice lather every time you shave .
The system also comes with a pre-shave exfoliant scrub , which is such a welcome addition to my shaving routine . The shaving cream and the after-shave balm have really good fragrance . All in all , an excellent product . My shaving experience is simply fantastic !!! Just like me ,if you haven't experienced the closeness and beauty of single-blade shaving , get this kit ....TODAY !!!

Everything old is new again!
This is a great product and I highly recommend you to try it out. You do need 10-15 shaves to get a hang of it as it is a single blade
and does not have the spring action similar to other razors but you get a much better shave after you get the right technique.
It is heavier than the normal razor as it is has a full metal body. It comes with a fancy packaging but trust me, the actual shaving experience is fancier! The post shave balm is milder on the skin and also smells good. The shaving brush has really soft bristles and help lather the shaving cream with ease.

If you do the math it would be cheaper to buy BSC blades in comparison to the other multi-blade razors just to ensure you always use the sharp blades and not end up using the blunt stuff only because the refills for multi-blade razors is costly. They also have a really good customer service! Email them once and you are bound to get a quick resolution to your queries or problems.