Portable Charger iClever 15000mAh Power Bank with 4.8A Dual USB Output and 2A Lightning & Micro Input, SmartID Technology External Battery for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and More

Portable Charger iClever 15000mAh Power Bank

[High Power Capacity]: An impressive 15000mAh of power means 6 full charges of your iPhone 6, and 3.5 full charges of your Galaxy S7. Now, that’s powerful
[Dual Input Charging]: Two 5V 2A Micro USB charging ports and a dedicated lightning 5V 2A charging port means there’s power to go around for the whole family. And if you need to recharge this portable charger fast, simply plug it into two power sources and it charges 50% faster. Talk about a win-win for everybody
[Smart ID and Powerful 4.8A Output]: Two 5V 2.4A USB AF Output supports two iPads at one go. And with Smart ID, this travel charger recognizes your devices and maximizes charging output.Qualcomm Quick Charge not supported
[Soft-Touch Curved Design]: Decked in a sleek matte black with a smooth touch finish, it’s technology done in serious style
[Designed Just for You]: In case of emergencies, this handy dust-proof powerbank doubles up as a nifty torchlight activated by a double press of the power button, and the built-in power indicator is in a soft blue that’s easy on the eyes. Comes in a compact flannelette carry bag



Two ways recharging power bank. High capacity on the go!

I got this because it was slim, lightweight, and offered multiple charges. An amazing product. I have multiple power banks, but this is the one that has the dual charging inputs. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, and I can get 3.5 charges for it off of this before it needs recharging, which isn't as good as I was hoping for, but it's not bad. I do however like that shows how much charge is left on the device, something that my old one did not do. I like having multiple USB inputs as well, so I can charge my phone and my Bluetooth speaker at the same time. I use to travel and most of the time i use to forget to charge my device, so having a portable power source for my multiple items is a huge convenience.

Pros: this power bank can recharge with micro-USB and lightning input which it can provides 2X recharging rate than most 1A (one recharging input) power bank. 2.4 amps per each output and a total of 4.8A max. Nowadays iPad 2 / air accepts 2.4A max so this power bank can charge my iPad at the fastest speed as possible with SmartID technology built by iClever.

Now I can get rip of the micro USB, and I will just carry one lightning cable to recharge the power bank or charge my iPhone 7 plus.