Watch over 500,000 movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more. Find your favorites with universal voice search across more than 190 integrated channels and apps. Plus, Alexa on Fire TV is always getting smarter.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote + Echo Dot
Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote + Echo Dot

Pair the included Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot and get hands-free voice control of your Fire TV with Alexa.
Find, play, and control movies and TV shows from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Showtime, NBC, and more using just your voice.
Fire TV Stick delivers streaming access to over tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills and more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes.
Echo Dot has 7 far-field microphones that hear you from across the room for hands-free voice control, even while watching a movie or listening to music.
Ask Alexa to play music, order a pizza, or provide information. With compatible smart-home devices you can turn on the lights, set thermostats, and more.
Prime membership unlocks thousands of movies and TV episodes, including Thursday Night Football, Amazon Original Series, Amazon Channels, and ad-free listening to millions of songs with Prime Music.

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I didn't really know what to expect so when I got the Firestick it was really easy to use,Alexa is great and very dependable. It was easy to hook up and get started watch movies. And I even bought a TV sound bar to improve my watching experience,TV Sound Bar, Meidong Bluetooth Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer, 36 inch 2.0 Channel Home Theater Speakers, Wireless and Wired Bluetooth Audio for TV/PC/ Phones/Tablets/ Echo dot (2017 Model) it is a really good partner with my old TVs,also recommend.

The original software is still there so you can use it with your Amazon Account too. Simply follow the instructions normally to install it on your TV. I had kodi installed and can stream more content than I could ever watch. I can't compare this against the old stick but this is fast, no buffering for me. The layout on the screen is easy to use and navigate. The remote is very tactile and responsive. I love that you get the hdmi dongle as my tv has hard to access ports. I'm planning on buying another for my son's tv soon.

I found that the included power adapter isn't really necessary as long as you have a powered USB Port on your TV to plug it in to.I did notice that if you are using the 2.4GHZ wireless on your Wireless Network it does affect the speed especially if you have COMCAST/XFinity-, or other Cable provider as they are throttling the 2.4GHZ bandwidth to 25Gbps. They are doing that to pretty much force people to upgrade or update their devices to the 5GHZ bandwidth. If you don't know for sure run a SpeedTest and find out what your download speed is- upload is not at Full Duplex so it will be slower on both bands. Recommend if you have the 5GHZ band to use that band so you can use the Firestick at the optimal speed. Yes, the Firestick has 5GHZ band! Love the Firestick.

What do you need to make it work?
The Stick attaches to an HDMI port on your TV or projector. It comes pre-loaded with your Amazon account details, so the only setup you need is to plug it in and enter your WiFi password, using a simple on-screen prompt. There's no need to go hunting for obscure settings.

Power is supplied by a small USB wall adapter, but you can power it from any 1A USB socket. My TV has a USB port, but it doesn't supply enough power for the Stick.

You need a decent WiFi signal in the location you intend to use the TV. It’s essential to have a decent internet connection (I’d recommend at least 5 MB/sec), and preferably an unlimited data package (otherwise, video streaming will burn through your data allowance in no time).

A short HDMI extension cable is included, which is handy if your TV has awkwardly-positioned ports. As with the previous-gen Stick, the extension cable also seems to boost WiFi reception a bit.

The Alexa Voice Remote
Despite the new name, the Alexa Voice Remote is identical to the previous Fire TV Stick voice remote. It’s small, but fairly hefty, and is comfortable to hold. It has the usual 4-way navigation pad and media controls, but no volume buttons - you’ll need to keep your TV remote handy for that. It connects via WiFi, not infra-red, so you can safely tuck the Fire TV stick behind your wall-mounted TV and it will still work fine.
The remote’s major selling-point is the built-in mic, Unlike with the Amazon Echo.

You need a subscription to Amazon Video ($8.99/month) or Amazon Prime ($99/year) to stream movies and TV shows. Note that whilst there is lots of free-with-subscription content, some items still require a rental fee, especially recent movies (rentals are $3.99 in HD). Some new-release movies are purchase-only.