Action Camera ,Amuoc Waterproof 30m Sport Camera Full HD 1080P 2.0 Inch LCD Display 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens Sport Recorder Car Camera with Outdoor Accessories

1080P Action Camera /720P Action Camera 2.0 inch LCD 320*240 , Video 1080FHD 1920*1080 30fps ,Full HD 1080P Sports Action Camera allows you to shoot high quality pictures and videos
Waterproof Action Cam 30m IP68 waterproof , perfect for outdoor adventures or extreme sports, like surfing, diving , snorkeling and skiing
Long Shooting Time 900mAh batteries record up to 120mins totally
Super wide angle lens 120 degrees ultra wide angle makes you capture more scenery from a wider and broader field of view;Multi language support
Any problem,please feel free to contact us firstly,we will try our best to help you



This is a great action camera, when taken out of the waterproofed case it's about the size of two square pink erasers back to back. It can be held with index finger and thumb, it's lightweight and small. That's a good thing. The quality is awesome! Although most are quick to compair this camera with their super expensive cellphone, they are missing the point. This is an action camera, you take it to record sports, climbing, biking, hiking,boating, snorkeling or whatever it maybe. You clip it on and set it to record and forget it, no camera man work needed no babysitting the device.

You don't have to risk or worry about your expensive cellphone if you deside to go jump in the ocean, or other such activities. Your hands become free of any devices so you can pay attention to what matters most and not lose your concentration or become distracted. You can free yourself of device burdens. Risk $39.99 or risk pretending your cellphone is a super expensive action camera while risking of losing or breaking it. I would rather use this! That's what this is made for.

The recording lens angle is 140 degree which mimic's the widescreen human eyes. That means your recording lot's of things at once all the scenery all the action. So take it for what it is, and you won't have any disappointments. You know that feeling when you have put your cellphone or camcorder away, and need to stop recording because your about to go into an impractical environment? All the stuff you saw and wish you could have recorded but was too risky for other devices?

Well here you go an action camera! Let the camera do the work...freedom! I'm very satisfied. Wish I had it last week, when we went to the beach. I left my cell in the car, and photo camera. I wanted to enjoy myself not be a camera man, but had wanted to record. I decided not be burdened by my camera. If I would have had this action camera I could have done both enjoy myself and record at the same time, and not feel as If I was recording at all! And that is awesome for $39.99 it's more than good enough.