Turn designs, photos, and text into a great game with customizable puzzles! Made of sturdy cardboard and mounted on chipboard, these puzzles are printed in vivid and full color.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles, Xmas Puzzles
SurfBoards jigsaw Puzzle

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Cat Family Christmas PuzzleCat Family Christmas Puzzle

Rockfeller Center Christmas Tree NYC Xmas PuzzleRockfeller Center Christmas Tree NYC Xmas Puzzle

Pixie Elf Girl Christmas puzzlePixie Elf Girl Christmas puzzle

Large Red Christmas Stocking Jigsaw PuzzleLarge Red Christmas Stocking Jigsaw Puzzle

Houston, Texas Skyline - SG Jungle Jigsaw PuzzleHouston, Texas Skyline - SG Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle

Pin-up girls jigsaw PuzzlePin-up girls jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle Fantasy Fairy GirlsPuzzle Fantasy Fairy Girls

The sailing Ship jigsaw PuzzleThe sailing Ship jigsaw Puzzle

Merry Christmas Xmas Tree Jigsaw PuzzleMerry Christmas Xmas Tree Jigsaw Puzzle

Merry Christmas Xmas Morning Jigsaw PuzzleMerry Christmas Xmas Morning Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle Vintage lady baby cagePuzzle Vintage lady baby cage

Christmas Crackers Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Crackers Jigsaw Puzzle

Snowman Christmas Jigsaw PuzzleSnowman Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Chicago Vintage jigsaw PuzzleChicago Vintage jigsaw Puzzle

Bright Ideas jigsaw PuzzleBright Ideas jigsaw Puzzle

New World jigsaw PuzzleNew World jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Carol Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzle

Electric Cyclist Vintage jigsaw PuzzleElectric Cyclist Vintage jigsaw Puzzle

The Lovers jigsaw PuzzleThe Lovers jigsaw Puzzle

Guitars and Balls jigsaw PuzzleGuitars and Balls jigsaw Puzzle

Underwater jigsaw PuzzleUnderwater jigsaw Puzzle

Man in Cage jigsaw PuzzleMan in Cage jigsaw Puzzle

Bird in the Middle jigsaw PuzzleBird in the Middle jigsaw Puzzle

Japanese Vintage jigsaw PuzzleJapanese Vintage jigsaw Puzzle

Blue Flower jigsaw PuzzleBlue Flower jigsaw Puzzle

Circus jigsaw PuzzleCircus jigsaw Puzzle

Mexico Travel Poster jigsaw PuzzleMexico Travel Poster jigsaw Puzzle

Taj-Mahal and Water jigsaw PuzzleTaj-Mahal and Water jigsaw Puzzle

Border Collie Snow PuzzleBorder Collie Snow Puzzle

Christmas Balls Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Balls Jigsaw Puzzle

Krampus PuzzleKrampus Puzzle

Personalized Jigsaw PuzzlePersonalized Jigsaw Puzzle

Woman at the Well jigsaw PuzzleWoman at the Well jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Ornaments PuzzleChristmas Ornaments Puzzle

Christmas Tree Closeup Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Tree Closeup Jigsaw Puzzle

Artistic Decorated Christmas Tree Jigsaw PuzzleArtistic Decorated Christmas Tree Jigsaw Puzzle

st nick vintage art jigsaw jigsaw puzzlest nick vintage art jigsaw jigsaw puzzle

Christmas Candy Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Candy Jigsaw Puzzle

The Walking Christmas Tree Jigsaw PuzzleThe Walking Christmas Tree Jigsaw Puzzle

Poinsettia Red Christmas Flower Jigsaw PuzzlePoinsettia Red Christmas Flower Jigsaw Puzzle

Miniature Christmas PuzzleMiniature Christmas Puzzle

Christmas santa clause jigsaw puzzleChristmas santa clause jigsaw puzzle

Santa Clause Jigsaw PuzzleSanta Clause Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle Vintage Puzzles Travel New YorkPuzzle Vintage Puzzles Travel New York

Christmas Glitter Cats PuzzleChristmas Glitter Cats Puzzle

Puzzle Vintage lady Art DecoPuzzle Vintage lady Art Deco

The Christmas Cat Tree PuzzleThe Christmas Cat Tree Puzzle


Christmas Puzzle PersonalizeChristmas Puzzle Personalize

Christmas Santa Claus Chimney Bag Toys Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Santa Claus Chimney Bag Toys Jigsaw Puzzle

APAL - Christmas Dalmatian Dogs Jigsaw PuzzleAPAL - Christmas Dalmatian Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Train PuzzleChristmas Train Puzzle

Snowman and Penguin Jigsaw PuzzleSnowman and Penguin Jigsaw Puzzle

Kids Puzzle Panda At The BeachKids Puzzle Panda At The Beach

British  jigsaw PuzzleBritish jigsaw Puzzle

Kids Puzzle Mouse At The BeachKids Puzzle Mouse At The Beach

Kids Puzzle Fun At the BeachKids Puzzle Fun At the Beach

Fun, Colorful, Rainbow Spectrum Fun, Colorful, Rainbow Spectrum "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Tree Jigsaw PuzzleChristmas Tree Jigsaw Puzzle