WORX WA0157 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain Loop for WA0158 bar and Series WG303,WG303.1

WORX WA0157 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain

 Suitable for replacement chain on wg303, wg303.1 worx chainsaws
For wa0158 chainsaw bar
Extra chain comes in handy for sharpening
Interchangeable with part number 50019154



I bought an electric chainsaw and an extra chain (this one) to hopefully use to cut up some downed trees on my property. It took me three minutes, the time it took to open the chainsaw package and view the chain to realize that this package would not suit my needs. I am handicapped from a severe back injury followed by a series of unsuccessful surgeries and thought the light weight of this chainsaw would fit my needs. I literally laughed when I opened the package and immediately sent the saw and the extra chain back for a refund. It may work for cutting limbs off of overhanging trees or clearing larger brush but as for cutting trees, this will NOT work at all, even on soft woods such as pine.
Please avoid the hassles I went through and go ahead and get a quality wood chainsaw. You can take a chance with an inexpensive Poulan, the reviews are very mixed. I asked the professional who came out to eventually remove the mess who made the best chainsaw and he didn't hesitate and simply said, "Stihl".
So, if you really require a chainsaw perhaps spend the extra money and get a Stihl and just follow the instructions as to how to "winterize" the saw as especially the mixed 2 stroke fuel will turn to varnish after just a couple of months of sitting unused. Adding Sta-bil MIGHT allow you to keep the old fuel in the machine during the winter but come the next year, drain it completely and fill it with gas and no matter what anyone tells you, avoid using any gas that has ethanol in it. Search all over until you find "RV" gasolne or go to a boating store where they always have "real gas" available and buy it. NEVER use ethanol blended gasoline in a small engine and by small I mean all the way up to garden tractor size. This advice comes from the professionals and not from heresay.
I hope you got something out of this review.