I waited until we had a good rain to do my review of the Coleman instant 8 person tent. It sets up very easily - one athletic person could do it by themselves. My daughter and I had it up in under 2 minutes.

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent
Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Spacious 8-person, 2-room tent designed for quick assembly
Poles come pre-attached to tent, ensuring setup in 1 minute or less. All you have to do is unfold, spread out, extend poles, click and lock into place. It is that simple.
Exclusive Weather Tec system with thick waterproof walls and welded floor
2 doors and 7 windows for full ventilation; removable divider between rooms
Base measures 14 by 10 feet; center height of 6 feet 5 inches; 1-year warranty
Refer to the PDF attached below for Installation Manual

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Great tent, would be worth 5 stars with one minor modification you can make yourself
We got this tent this spring to replace an OLD Coleman external frame tent that used to leak on us like a seive, even when all we had was a heavy dew. Anyway, this tent has performed like a champ for the camping we did this summer.

First of all, the plusses...and there are plenty:

1) This tent is EASY to set up. The external frame and tent never come apart, so you don't have a chance to lose anything. I have set the tent up on my own, but, frankly, it's easier to set up when you have the help of one other person.

2) The set up goes like this...after you have the tent out of its bag you reverse the bend of the corners of the external fram so the poles extend out and down rather than down and up (the way they are stored). Next, extend the four telescoping poles that go from the center of the tent to the four corners until they snap into position at their maximum extension. After you have done that you extend and vertical poles (I recommend doing the corners first) until they snap locked at their maximum extension. Then do the same for the side poles, and you are done with the basic set up. Lastly, use tent pegs to secure to corners and sides of the tent in place.

3) Our first outing it rained, but we stayed nice and dry (be sure to use a ground cloth or tarp under your tent). Thanks Coleman!

4) There are plently of windows in the tent, and the tent can be divided into two rooms - front and back.

5) The engineering of this tent is such that it is able to give and sway a bit in the wind, and that's nice.

6) The tent is made of good materials.

The minuses...

1) The carry bag that the tent comes in seems a bit too small when you try to put the tent back into it when you break camp, but with some grunting and impolite shoving it finally will go back in. (Why do tent engineers always make the bag always do this!?)

2) This is NOT a back-packing tent...i.e., it's HEAVY. That's OK for us, since we camp in campgrounds where we can drive close to where we set up camp.

3) The metal L-shaped tent pegs are inadequate for high wind conditions...and if the gusts are heavy enough the tent will slip out of these pegs and partially collapse...not what you want to have happen to you and your family at night..which leads me to the part of the review where I tell you how to make this 4-star tent into a 5-star tent.

Here's how to make your 4-star tent a 5-star tent. It's easy. The one significant weakness of this tent is that the tent pegs are not substantial enough to hold up to prolonged exposure to wind (and in Idaho where I live it can get mighty windy). So, to correct this flaw simply repalace the light-weight metal tent pegs with more substantial tent pegs, such as COGHLANS Tent Stakes / Pegs 9" ABS Tent Pegs Md: 9309. or Coghlan's Ltd Tent Pegs 12In Abs 6Pk 9312. A half dozen of these pegs will do the trick, and viola, you have a 5-star tent!

The last time we went camping (last week) I had the impression that I should throw some of our old tent pegs in with our gear, and I'm glad I did! They worked wonders.

I hope this review and suggestion was helpful to you.