Love my Bear Butt Hammock and the Kodiak Straps. It easily fits back into the attached bag and has enough room for the straps too. We tested it out at 500lbs this weekend and it was so comfortable and sturdy.

Bear Butt Double Hammock
Bear Butt Double Hammock

THEE DOUBLE HAMMOCK: 10 ft. long x 6 ft. wide of pure magic. Made from our special top quality 75D Nylon Taffeta with a 210 thread count. That means it's the sheets at a 5 star hotel soft.
THEE SPECS MAN: Our 75D nylon material holds up to 500 pounds legally and has been tested for 900 pounds. It ain't rippin' or breakin' so don't be trippin'. Comes with nylon end straps for extra strength, two...count it, 2 carabiners and two 10ft long tactical grade ropes. Each hammock weighs 1 1/2 pounds.
THEE WAY TOO EASY MONEY BACK PROMISE: It's too easy. For any reason at any time you can hit us up for a replacement or a full refund. It's real. It's easy. It's anytime. It's FOOO-EEVVVV-EERRRR!
THEE TEAM: Bear Butt started with Michael & his wife. Bear Butt did $1.9 million in their 1st year 2016. Now the Bear Butt Team is 14 people strong and has done over $2.2 million and counting so far in 2017! THEE GOAL: Get the world to know we are THEE Hammock company. Find us on our website by searching: Bear Butt Team & find us on FB, IG & SC search BearButtTeam.
THEE HOMIE HOOKUP: We know what it’s like being a broke college student or just someone looking for the best deal and trying to find quality gear that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Which is why we offer our amazing gear with a fantastic warranty at a low price to provide you with a worry free shopping experience. We got your back homie!

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I initially bought this hammock as a gift for my cousin and thought the write up was funny, but after trying it out I instantly
I'm a hammock camping enthusiast, and I've owned them all. ENO, Grand Trunk, Simple Life exct. I even made a few after not finding quite what I wanted. However, Bear Butt in quality and price far exceeds them all! I initially bought this hammock as a gift for my cousin and thought the write up was funny, but after trying it out I instantly put my prized ENO hammock up for sale and purchased a Bear Butt, it's so practical and easy to use, perfect for beginners or experienced campers. I have done a lot of research on different hammocks, but not only does Bear Butt provide their personal number, they happily answered my paragraph of questions about their product as well! I put it up and took it down in under 10 minutes on my first try. Because of the size, it's easy to sleep diagonally without your legs falling asleep, I even slept on my side and wasn't uncomfortable. I spent a day playing in it with my cousin and we were both surprisingly comfortable and didn't feel smashed together at all, however I haven't tried spending the night with two people yet.
Small, very lightweight, perfect for day trips/camping
Nice smooth material, better in my opinion than my original ENO
Strong triple stitching, I felt totally safe with two people swinging around in it
Easy to hang/take down, comes with separate durable ropes that make hang up a breeze
The packaging is humorous, I can't wait to show my friends with ENO's :)
The hammock is bunched up and connected to the rope in a loop, which makes it harder to flip and easy to spread out to its full potential
Lifetime Warranty!

Cons: One of my good friends wanted to buy my ENO from me, I was all set to sell it but decided to show her her the Bear Butt instead. I felt bad selling a less comfortable single to her when she could have this sweet double hammock deal. Long story short, my ENO's still for sale XD
Also, I wish it came in more colors, but I don't mind matching

Overall this is the best hammock on the market, my group of friends are all purchasing them to take camping in Yosemite this summer, if you see us out there feel free to join! High five to an epic start up company.
~One Happy Camper
(My enthusiastic cousin is featured in the pictures, she said it's the best Christmas present ever! Thanks a lot Bear Butt, how can I out do this next year??) :)